How to Figure Out Your Passion


Passion is defined as the strong barely controllable emotion we have to a thing or a person. It is an emotion we feel so strongly we go our whole lives seeking for what drives us. Sometimes the journey to finding our passions can we hard and demanding. In life you get pulled in so many directions it is hard to pinpoint one specific thing that drives you. Here are a few ways you can discover what you are passionate about:

  1. Clear your schedule

Taking the time to clear your schedule can give you a chance to clear your mind. This way you can start off fresh on your journey to self-discovery.2.  

2. Try a lot of Different Things

The biggest obstacle to overcome is a narrow vision of what you can do.  If you were not passionately interested in anything, try to cast a wide net to look at dozens of different activities.  Staying safe and familiar is the reason you are bored, so now is the time to experiment.

3. See What you Enjoy

After taking time to try a bunch of different activities start to focus. Condensing you list will leave you with your top favorites and you can begin to discover why these activities make you happy. The whole point is to start a spark in your life!

4. Always Look for More

Once you find your passion always continue to dig deeper into what you love. Travel, read, talk to others that share the same interest. Find different ways to continue to learn more about what you love and you will always have an interest.

By: Imani Kerr