How to Overcome a Bad Break Up


In our young adult lives it is pivotal to go through certain milestones to shape us into the best version of ourselves. All though we do not want to go through bad experiences these experiences are inevitable. Experiencing the bad will make us appreciate the good and not take those moments for granted. As we go on a journey to adulthood we also find ourselves dating to find our soulmate/life partner. Dating has so many lessons to teach and a breakup could be a sad part of discovering yourself. The question here is what are some methods we can use to get through a breakup?

1. Avoid having a rebound 

There’s a common saying that goes “the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else.” All though sex may feel good in the moment, healing after a breakup is all emotional. It is important to take time for yourself and reflect.

2. Rebuild your self-esteem

After a breakup is all about building yourself back up again. Finding things that build your self esteem back up will help you grow in ways you haven’t imagined.

3. Do a detox

A social media detox, body detox and mental detox can help you overall get back to a positive space. Take as much time as you need without being toxic to others around you.

4. Let go of the idea of “closure”

Depending on how your relationship ended you expectations may be too high. You may expect to have that last conversation that answers all your questions, or an explanation as to why things ended they did. Sometimes you have to let go of those expectations because it is not a guarantee that you will receive it.

5. Hold on to things that make you feel grounded

You have to hold on to things that make you feel happy. Going through a breakup can naturally make you feel sad and discouraged. Keep yourself surrounded by good friends, family and activities that make you feel better about your situation. Make peace with yourself and find love in the dark places.