View Yourself in a Higher Light


Hey again! I have a challenge this week for you. It’s something that has really worked for me and I’d love to encourage you to get in on it if you haven’t already. I encourage you to get out a new notebook (yes a new one, not your class math journal) and use this as your higher self guidebook.

Your higher self is your BEST version of yourself – I talk about it a lot. We are all on a journey to the absolute best versions of ourselves that we can be and doing this with intention is so important. Trust me, this is going to be the most fun weekend challenge.

Here’s how you can structure it…

Page 1 – Your Five Year Vision

On page 1, I encourage you to really sit and get clear on your five year vision. Know exactly where you want to be, what you will have accomplished and what you’ll be doing – write all of this down. Make sure you include your why and what in here – don’t worry about the how, just trust that with time the “how” will come to you. This is going to be your north star – everything you’re driving towards. Writing it down just made it even more real for you.

Page 2 – Your Highest Self

Then, sit and write about your highest self in third person. “She is… she does…”. Get really clear about the type of person she is, how she feels, how she behaves and the habits she has. You want to be describing in so much detail what your highest self looks like – we are all going to have such a different image in our heads.

Page 3 – Your I Am Statements

Next, using your five year vision and your highest self description, I want you to create 10 “I Am” statements. For example, “I am abandoning old habits and introducing new, positive ones.”.
Whatever it is for you, that brings in a combination of the things you’re attracting from your five year vision, as well as the type of person you need to be to work from your highest self.

But it doesn’t stop here
Take it all in.
Watch yourself start to move in the direction of your dreams, taking solid action every day.

Then, use the rest of the journal to work on activities like this, as well as journaling about your journey – the progress, the hard bits, the slip ups, the wins, all of it!

Writing is such a therapeutic activity so be sure to always do it!

Are we all creating Higher Self Guidebooks this weekend?!When you do, please take a picture & tag @jagurltv!

-Kieaundria Bellamy