Focusing on the Greater


In this day in age, everyone is attached to their phones for many different reasons. A major reason would be social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you name it, someone is on it! Each app serves different purposes for everyone. For example, I love looking at my Instagram to get inspired with new fashion and beauty tips, entrepreneurs and much more. I’m writing this article to speak specifically for people who look at social media for inspiration as well.

Now, I’m guilty of this myself. You ever look at your favorite entrepreneur/business owner and think to yourself “I’m running out of time, why am I not as successful as them?”. There is a numerous amount of people who play the comparison game when it comes to their goals and the life style of someone they admire.

Unfortunately, comparison is truly the killer of so many dreams. Believing that you’re failing because you see someone else in your field successful is the wrong thing to do. For my fellow business owners, bloggers, beauty gurus, entertainment personalities, and any other amazing career that you’re looking into, I’m here to tell you that you’re doing a great job. Remember, your favorite Instagram success never post their failures. You truly never know what is going on behind closed doors, and you never know what that person had to do to be in the place they are in now.

Everyone follows a unique path in their life, and you are on your specific journey. Enjoy it and trust the process with all your heart. Stay encouraged, and please, never give up on your dreams. You got this, and you WILL be successful!

Kieaundria Bellamy