Welcome to August


August will be your month of rebirth and diving order. You are positioned for the miraculous! Every gift, idea or talent that you thought was dead will live again. Your passions will be renewed and set in place. Months 1-7 may have shaken the table, but this month… you sit at the head of the table. Better yet you OWN the table. Today is the day you enter a new phase filled with blessings, abundance and positive energy.

God is going to put you on somebody’s mind who’s in a position to restore what you lost. Do you know what this means? This means that there is someone out there who will not leave you alone to accomplish what you put your mind to. Yes, you are strong on your own but there is power in numbers! Do not be afraid to take the help that someone is offering to you. You have worked hard enough and deserve to take a little weight off you shoulders. After a long summer, this reset will put you exactly where you need to be. Your prayers will be answered back to back so get ready for your blessings.