How to Keep Yourself Motivated During a Major Lifestyle Change!

Lifestyle Changes

We have many celebrities we can use as examples when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. People like Michelle Obama, Kimberly Elise, and Janelle Monae exudes strength and manages to keep on track everyday. A lifestyle chance is bigger than just a “diet”. A lifestyle change includes proper management of your mind, body and soul. It’s not only about what you eat in a day but also about what activities you incorporate in your daily activities to keep balanced. Sometimes it may seem like a struggle but here are some simple ways to motivate yourself to keep on track with a major lifestyle change.

1. Find your focus 

Majority of the battle is mental before you make any lifestyle change. First find your reason as to why you want to make the change and you can navigate from there.

2. Set your routine

Once you figure out the “why?” It’s then easier to map out the “how?”. Sit down and think about how you normally navigate in a day and where you would like to make the change. Set a routine that caters to your goals 

3. Write it down 

Visual affirmations can help you mentally stay on track. Getting a poster board and hanging it up somewhere you will see if everyday can help you stay on track even if you started your day off on the wrong side of the bed.

4. Do it with a friend 

We are not perfect which means it is easy to fall off the railings. Accomplishing a lifestyle change sometimes takes a village to accomplish. Ask a family member or a friend to go on the journey with you and it will be easier to keep each other motivated 

5. Reward yourself 

When it is all said and done you should feel accomplished for reaching the goals you set for yourself.DONT GIVE UP! You are stronger than the obstacles in front of you. Reward yourself within your means and you will always have something to look forward to.