Queen Latifah to Host #Act4Impact Raising Money For ALA COVID-19 Action Initiative


Rapper, singer, songwriter, actress, and producer Queen Latifah announced that she will be an addition to the American Lung Association’s live stream benefit as a host for ‘Act4Impact’.

Latifah was inspired to do her part to help the use when the virus came close to home. Latifah was one of the millions of people effected by COVID when her own family tested positive for the virus. “I’m really thankful they were able to fight it off, but this thing is serious and it’s hitting Black and Latino communities at a higher rate than white people.”

Latifah was joined by other industry powerhouses such as Dwyane Wade, Jimmy Fallon, Whoopi Goldberg, Gabrielle Union, and Laura Dern.

“A lot of these stars are people of color, and they see how people of color have been affected or know someone who has had the virus.” Latifah sheds light on the importance of coming together for an event that could help others whom are not able “We all have family, not everyone in our family is a celebrity or has the luxury of living somewhere with the best healthcare.”

The live event, which was broadcasted on September 26, focused on the Black and Latino communities. People reports that ‘Act4Impact’ used the platform to provide the communities with the essentials they may need during this time. The initiative prioritized “distributing free cloth masks, advocating for accessible, affordable coronavirus and flu vaccines and investing in respiratory research and other programs.”

Truly inspiring to see Latifah and other great names in the industry be apart of such a moving event!