Icy Girl Saweetie Talks Meditation and Music


Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper, regally known as Saweetie, is an American rapper and entrepreneur. Many people also know this “Icy” talent by her 2018 debut single Icy Girl. Since then, her career into fame and encapsulating the masses with her cold lyricism has only improved and increased. 

The Icy Queen interviewed with iHeart Radio‘s Power 106 Los Angeles this February. Here she shared her sage advice about love, music, and the secret to being successful and staying pretty. 

Let’s knock the big question out of the park. Interviewers Letty and Teddy wanted to know what’s one thing anybody can do to stand out, as per Saweetie?

“Meditate. Get your tea get your honey in it. In the morning, I meditate. Pretty is an aura. Just, get your everything in balance. And When you’re in balance, and you’re centered, you shine.”

She also attributes her balance to pretty techniques to eating healthier. Don’t get her confused, though. She is still Saweetie, the food queen, and she still enjoys her special days by mixing up the food world and testing new collaborations of hot chips, various beverages, and spicy foods. 

Next they moved on to the music. 

The cold goddess shares her newest dive into the rap game and where it comes from, focusing within, in her latest single collaboration, Closer, with artist H.E.R. “You get a more intimate, vulnerable side of Saweetie. The lyrics came from a vulnerable place. I think that’s why it’s resonating with the culture so well right now. The greatest reviews I’ve received are off that. I’m just happy that through the real experiences that I’ve had in my life, people can feel it. That’s why there are so many things that stick out.”

The facts of the matter: When you mention Saweetie, you must incorporate Hustler. 

What does Saweetie attribute to her mogul mindset?

“Definitely the bay. Both of my parents are from the bay. They were some real hustlers. When I was a kid, I just always saw them working. So for me, that was normal. That was habit. For me, it’s not even a lot of work. It’s just the lifestyle. But what I had to teach myself is that there’s a difference between busy work and smart work. You have to make sure that what you’re working on is conducive to your future. Because if you’re just wasting your time, then everybody’s time is being wasted.” 

And to what she attributes to being her most significant business move: The McDonald’s collaboration and her Saweetie Meal. “Being Mrs. McDonalds the sales definitely did go up. I saw the data,” she playfully teases us. 

In February, also known for the month of love, Saweetie shares her ideal parameters for her next relationship. “Honestly, you date what you’re around. If I was around regular people, my door is not closed to that. It’s like high school. You’re constantly around the same people.” 

This current mentality in focus emphasizes her push for elevating herself outside of just music as she brings back the tie-in to meditation. “Honestly, I’ve been meditating a lot. And when you meditate, God willing, you’re able to experience your higher self. But through that, it gave me a lot of clarity into what I wanted. Honestly, in my next real relationship, I want to be mentally stimulated. He’s got to teach me something. I can’t be the only teacher in the relationship.”

Lastly, Saweetie teaches tips for aspiring artists and creatives in general. “I had to learn about team building. Who you put around is a reflection on you and how much work you can accomplish. Really, you want to be surrounded by good people who do great work.”

Saweetie’s latest single, Closer, is available now, and you can stream it here. 

Saweetie – Closer (feat. H.E.R.) [Official Music Video] – YouTube