Welcome Change



Change is good. Change is uncomfortable. Change is NECESSARY, but most importantly it’s GOOD. 

If you aren’t changing you aren’t growing. Period.

In order to grow you need to change something. Change your environment, change the people around you, change whatever you need to that may be hindering you. Not sure where you may need to apply change? Need some motivating examples? No problem.

  • Sean “Diddy” Combs – This man has changed his name more times than we can count and with each change, he’s produced something amazing. Whether it was long lasting doesn’t matter as long as he’s learned from his failures and can recognize the areas of improvement
  • The Carters- No explanation needed
  • Charlamagne Tha God. Read Black Privilege and you will understand why he’s listed.

The list can go on and on. One thing that will remain constant, each one of these individuals had to make SIGNIFICANT life changes in order to reach their next level. 

Not getting where I’m going?

Look at is this way, in order for a plant to grow, you have to change the pot it started in.
Imagine an apple tree reaching its full potential in that little cup you planted in elementary school. You can’t. The apple tree cannot grow into its full purpose without being in the right environment. The tree’s roots need something to hold fast to, the trunk needs to expand and build, the leaves need to grow so the fruit can be produced.


Change IS scary. Change is NECESSARY. Change is INEVITABLE

By: Danielle Moses

IG: @TheWizePig