Which Assignment is a Priority?


Everybody is not your assignment. That’s why you are drained. Let it go and give YOURSELF a little more selfcare! The weight that you carry by dealing with everyone else’s problems will leave you with nothing for yourself. The relationships you have with the people you care about will suffer due to not being honest with yourself. Your vibes, your peace, and your happiness are things that cannot be messed with. Once your energy is off those same people who once went to you for guidance will be gone because they can no longer get anything from you. It is not worth it.

In the process, you may lose some people, but you will find a better version of yourself in the end. There is nothing more beautiful than watching yourself grow and transform into a new you. That is the path you should continue to be on. If there is anyone who is trying to derail you from that path, then they have to go. CHOOSE YOU FIRST!