We are often told to watch what we say because those words can manifest into reality. However, we’re never told to watch our thoughts. Thoughts are just unspoken words, which can also manifest into their own reality as well.

Ever sit and look around you and feel like, “what else can go wrong now?” Then something else bad happens?

You put that energy into the atmosphere.
“Well I never SAID I wanted it to happen though!”

That’s fine, but thinking it was enough.

We act on things that we’ve thought, good or bad. There is so much power in our thoughts and we just waste that power.

Having a bad day? Start thinking life into your mood. Start acting as if it’s the best day in the world, and watch what happens.

Don’t allow your thoughts to shape your life.

Start thinking that you’re successful; about how smart you are; about how beautiful you are, how HAPPY you are.

Start thinking life into yourself and watch how the external begins to match the internal.

Thoughts become words and words become actions.

Sometimes you only need thoughts to become actions

Think positive.

Think life.

All thoughts matter, so think good ones.

Danielle Moses